Four Element Salt™ is an energetic tool for Kinesiologists, Reiki practitioners, Energists & Healers. Four Element Salt™ crystals are programmed to attract, absorb, cleanse, clear, neutralise, ground and protect.

The salt wands come in two box sets. Box one is foundation and Box two is for more advanced use. All the wands are individually  labelled with their family name, their wand name or  number, and where appropriate, they also have short affirmations on the label.

The salt is presented in small lustrous glass wands for ease of use.The salt wand sets come as complete collections and are presented in gorgeous sky blue purpose made Four Element Salt Wand boxes.

The salt wands are specifically intended for healing work and are made up of sets of family groups including:

Box Set One (Foundation)
Guardian Wands
Miracle Wands
Harmonic Wands
Auric Wands
Grounding Wand
Luminary Wands
Alchemy Wands

Box Set Two (Advanced)
Mastery Wands
Totem Wands
Solfeggio Wands
Elemental Wands
Terrafirma Wands

Personal Wand commissions are available

Would you like Amanda to create a personal wand for you?

For a 20 minute SKYPE consultation and production of a personal wand prices start at £75.

Please contact Amanda for details via the contact page.