The 7 essential mindsets for health and wellness

After 20 years observing the habits and mindsets of people who were most successful at transforming their health, Amanda has condensed her learning into a simple set of seven essential mindsets. If you adopt these mindsets you will transform your health.

This book shares the 7 mindsets in detail, and as well as explaining what form each mindset takes it also highlights the typical challenges we face that prevents us adopting the mindset and shows you how to overcome those obstacles and introduce this mindset into your life the the simplest and easiest of ways.

Paperback – Kindle – Audible
Author: Amanda Nelson

The hassle free guide to improving your health

Let Amanda, the ‘Easy Detox Expert’, introduce you to the most convenient and flexible style of detox ever.

You may have adapted to live a 21st century lifestyle but your body has not. Your last biological upgrade was about 30,000 years ago. To help your body thrive in the 21st Century you need to consciously re-align the way you look after your body. It will make all the difference.

The Easy Dtox Expert is all about conveniently introducing a healthful lifestyle into the life you are living already. This book gives you clear, easy to follow guidelines to a perfect 24hour easy detox day.  Select from Amanda’s flexible food and activity menus to make detoing and healthy living a breeze. Recipes include food, drinks, exercise, detox regimes and no re-tox recipes for body and home.

Paperback – Kindle – Audible
Author: Amanda Nelson

The Energetic shift from then to now

Let Amanda introduce you to your FUTURE SELF.  This concept that will create a paradigm shift in how you  view what is possible with energy work and transformational protocols on a Holistic level.

The book will show you how you can easily access the knowledge held by your future self so that you can change the quality of life you live now.  If you could benefit from the hindsight your future self has wouldn’t you want to know? Imagine the mistakes you’d avoid making! Imagine how confidently you would take decisions and make life choices. Imagine the transformation!

Future Self Energetics is a blend of quantum energetic methods and theoretical physics. It sounds complicated but it’s not. Once you have read this book you will find connecting and communciating with your future self is as easy as flicking a switch.

Paperback – Kindle – Audible
Author: Amanda Nelson

The ultimate guide to spiritual Power and Protection

Containing a simple 5 step process, Amanda Nelson’s easy to follow 5 ‘R’ method will strengthen your spiritual power and offer you cast iron spiritual protection as you ‘open up’ to work in alternate realities and different dimensions. Beyond the golden egg will take you one step further into the world of Spirit and keep you safe as you face new frontiers.

This book covers how to recognise when your extra senses are opening up, how to identify different types of beings and communicate safely with them, how to quickly assess the safety of different spiritual encounters and ultimately, confidently, handle a broad range of spiritual experiences.

This book provides a means to instinctively learn  how to set your own personal spiritual rules, re-establish and maintain your powerful energy boundaries, review your circumstances, react to events or encounters and resolve situations you may find yourself in.

Suitable for energy workers and sensitives of all abilities. Especially recommended for anyone involved in Rescue work.

Chapters at the back of this unusual and enlightening book are dedicated to helping young Children who are aware of Spirit but don’t know how to get their gifts and their ‘visitors’ under control.

Paperback – Kindle – Audible
Author: Amanda Nelson