‘I believe you can detox, lose weight, feel great and live a healthy and abundant life and all in the easiest possible way. I do what I do so that YOU can detox without the Drama. Let me show you how.’

Amanda Nelson
UK Health Radio’s Easy Detox Expert

Easy Detox shows you how living healthfully can easily slot into your life, straight away right NOW!

  • How small steps can add up to big changes over time
  • How to still have the treats you love the most
  • How to release any baggage that may be keeping you unhappy and unhealthy in your body, mind, spirit, home, career and relationships
  • How to live a healthier and more abundant life in every way (without the need for self-discipline, willpower or hard work!)
  • How to supercharge what you are doing to effortlessly achieve the best results everyday
  • Why being healthy is not just for the wealthy

…and more

Can it really be that easy? Yes it can!

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