What people don’t tell you about enemas

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“Enemas are an integral part of any body detox. It’s easy to find the right equipment and herbal supplies when you know what to look for and where to look. But it is hard to know which to choose unless people tell you”

what people don't tell you about enemas

Enemas are used to clear the bowel if it has become congested or constipated. Enemas may be  used to administer a medicine or remedy direct into the body via the bowel. Enemas are nothing new. People have been safely administering enema solutions into their bodies for thousands of years.

An enema is a very simple process. In short, an enema is the administration of a substance (usually in liquid form) into the rectum.

As the enema fluid is administered it will travel into the rectum, usually into the sigmoid colon and even reach part of the descending colon too.

The enema fluid returns back down through the bowels when you sit on the toilet at the end of your treatment. As you sit on the toilet to open your bowels all the fluids and any other faecal matter is then released out of your body and flushed away.

To administer enema solutions you will need to buy enema equipment, supplies so that you can clean and sterilise your equipment, ingredients to make enema solutions from and you will also need a small checklist of items to ensure that when taking an enema you have everything well organised.

When Western Medicine couldn’t help me to recover from chronic ill health,  I turned to natural ways to support my body back to good health. Enemas were an integral part of the process. I wanted to make sure that any toxic waste, any unwanted chemicals or any redundant tissues could be removed from my body as fast as possible. Enemas really help with this.

If you are looking to buy enema equipment go to my online store at manifesthealth.co.uk and you can buy the enema kit I recommend. It’s a great kit and it’s very easy to use and reliable. Manifest Health  also sells saWilson’s coffee, herbs, spices, salts, beans, leaves roots and flowers for you to use in enemas.

But how do you know that the enema equipment is going to be right for you?

In this blog I want to help you to know the kinds of questions you ought to be answering before you buy an enema kit. If you can answer these questions you will avoid making mistakes.

Before you buy enema equipment it is worth considering what features differentiate the type of enema equipment that you can use. I have my own preferences for enema equipment of course!  I have reviewed countless enema equipment designs, sold over 100,000 enema kits and I also take enemas regularly.

Enema equipment should be safe, easy to use, it should be portable and reusable. You will get more of a return on your investment if you are able to clean and store and reuse the enema equipment easily. You must be able to sterilise the enema equipment to ensure you meet safety and hygiene standards.

Things to avoid when buying an enema kit

  • Do not buy cheap. Buy right.
  • Avoid enema equipment made from material that you cannot sterilise effectively.
  • Avoid hot water bottle styles (how do you know what could be lurking in those dark dank places?)
  • Avoid vessels that make it hard for you to see how much liquid you have at the start, during and at the end of the enema too.
  • Avoid enema equipment that has any latex or rubber (it degrades with time and some people have reactions to these materials).
  • Avoid plastics that are not guaranteed BPA free
  • Avoid using an anal tip that has been poorly manufactured – check for sharp edges or ‘flash’ left following manufacturing
  • Avoid buying your equipment from any company that you cannot contact for advice on the suitability of the equipment.

What type of enema equipment will suit YOU?  

Here are some of the questions you may like to ask yourself when buying an enema kit for yourself, these are the questions that I ask when reviewing an enema kit too. Remember, enema equipment is a very personal choice. I’m hoping this list of questions will get you started and help you make a better choice when the time comes.

  • What is my budget?
  • How often will I be using the equipment?
  • How long do I need the equipment to last?
  • Is the enema equipment single use or is it reusable?
  • Would I prefer the enema fluid to be contained in a bucket? A bag? A bottle?
  • What is the material that the enema equipment is manufactured from? Metal (Aluminium/Stainless Steel?) Glass? Latex? Rubber? Plastic?
  • Is the plastic enema equipment BPA (bisphenol-a) free? (Artsana Enema kits guaranteed BPA free)
  • Will the equipment look nice?
  • Will the enema equipment be easy to assemble?
  • How easy is the enema equipment to take apart?
  • How easy is the enema equipment to clean?
  • How easy is the enema equipment to sterilise?
  • Is the equipment going to be portable?
  • Is the equipment going to be reliable?
  • Is the equipment going to be durable?
  • Is the equipment going to be easy to store?
  • Has the equipment got parts that are likely to break or are high maintenance?
  • Are spares readily available if you need to get them?
  • Can you easily see when the enema equipment is dirty?
  • What is the capacity of the enema container -1litre, 2litres more?
  • Is there a measure scale on the fluid container in ml/fl.oz?
  • Is it easy to see how much fluid is in the container once it is filled?
  • Is the gravity feed tube transparent? Will you be able to see air bubble caught in the tube or see the liquid as it moves through the tube during use?
  • How long is the gravity feed tube that transports the fluids? Is it long enough? Can you extend it if needs be?
  • Will the tap mechanism be easy to reach when you taking an enema? Does the tap turn on and off easily?
  • How wide is the enema tip (ideally not wider than a ballpoint pen)
  • Is the anal tip soft and has is been well manufactured? Has the anal tip been well finished during manufacture?
  • Does the equipment have an integral hook to make it easy to suspend?

Which enema kit do I think is the best?

In my opinion a have tested and reviewed many designs and my favorite is, and always has been, the after having tested many styles and reviewed lots of designs my preference is for the  Artsana Enema kit. You can buy this through Manifest Health.



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