Do you have the 7 essential mindsets for health?

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“Do you have the 7 essential mindsets for health? I am hoping that if I share these mindsets with you then you can see what you are getting right, and, what you need to do to get even better results.”


The 7 essential mindsets. How do you score?

Take a look at this short and simple list. How many of these could you put a tick next to?

  1. I am the only person responsible for my health
  2. I have a commitment to wellness
  3. I am a finisher
  4. I am in the right tribe
  5. I am curious, I explore and I discover
  6. I take as long as it takes
  7. I don’t wait until I am ill before I look after myself

Read through the descriptions below in a little more detail if you are unsure. Tell me how many you have scored on Facebook or on Twitter @AskAmandaNelson #7detoxmindsets

The first of the cornerstones for success with detoxing, the first of the mindsets you need that will give you the highest likelihood of being successful with your health is being responsible for your own health. 

I can’t stress enough how important it will be for you to be in control of what happens to you, body mind and spirit. It’s always been down to you! You need to learn a bit about how your body works, how to maintain it in optimum shape, and then you need to be the guardian of your body.

I only have one body and I need to look after it. I get to choose what I do and  the bucks stops with me. It’s the same for you.

Have you delegated the health of your body mind and spirit to other people, do they have the choice but you have to then live with what they choose? Are you responsible for your own health? Are you able to make a choice about the types of foods you eat, the fluids you drink, the shampoos, soaps, creams and lotions, disinfectants, aerosols and powders that your surround your body with?

To have the right mindset then you have to make a commitment to yourself that nothing goes into your body, your mind or your spirit without your say from  this point onward.

The second of the cornerstones for success with detoxing, the second of the mindsets you need that will give you the highest likelihood of being successful with your health is being committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve success. Not only that, but you are so committed that you choose to never give up, you stay persistent, and, you never  lose faith that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. That every action you invest adds up, that they really matter – large or small.

It sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it, to expect someone to be committed to improving their health when they say they are but you’d be surprised how often, as a therapist, i hear my clients complain about any kind of change or small inconvenience that might be required of them. How committed are you really if you question making even a tiny lifestyle change? What would you swap for the health you desire if you had to?

You don’t have do anything drastic, I only suggest you make a consistently heartfelt commitment to love yourself enough to try to do something on a regular basis – no matter how imperfectly you do it – you have to try to do something everyday to improve your health.

So, are you committed? do you have the second essential mindset? If not, do you think that you could develop this mindset now that you understand how important it is to have it?

The third of the cornerstones for success with detoxing, the third of the mindsets you need that will give you the highest likelihood of being successful with your health is whether or not you have the staying power to finish things.

There are three parts to every project you take on, it needs starting, it needs implementing and finally it needs finishing. When you start things do you also finish them too? If you are not a finisher you will need to learn how to be.  people who are not natural finishers tend to hop from one idea to another and never give themselves the chance to experience what it feels like to cross the finishing line.

You have to choose and to then see it through, you have to persist and ensure that you finish what you begin.  It doesn’t need to be perfect but you do need to finish. Do you start things and then not finish them? If not, do you think that you can pass any finishing post without finishing things.

The fourth of the cornerstones for detoxing, the fourth of the mindsets you need that will give you the highest likelihood of being successful with your health is whether or not you surround yourself with people that share the same health orientated mindset as you do. 

You need to surround yourself with people that have the same plan to improve their health and live well! They should have the same belief that their health really matters, they are people that inspire you with their own results and that will gladly share your journey with you as you are on it, they will show you the way, support you in your ambition to be healthy.  Wouldn’t it be marvellous to have people around you to see what you achieve and to praise you as you do it? The people that you surround yourself with will reflect your chance of success at whatever you take on. Are you surrounded by people that will support you or are your surrounded by people that will sabotage you? If you are surrounded by sabotagers then you need to find more of the right people who are more like you.

The fifth  of the cornerstones for success with detoxing, the fifth of the mindsets you need that will give you the highest likelihood of being successful with your health is whether or not you look for ways to introduce improvements to your health and wellbeing in all sorts of different forms – you set out to see what others don’t, you are inventive, you are curious, you are open minded. You love to learn and you seek out people who have knowledge to share. 

I love this mindset. It’s me all the way!  I want to fill my life with all the best things imaginable so I have to be inventive, curious, experimental, open to new ideas, new tastes, new sensations, new behaviours. I listen and learn all the time. The most important thing is to be open to new ideas and new knowledge. To lift your consciousness learn learn learn. Consciousness creates the body you are in. Michael Talbot believes that ‘consciousness feeds on knowledge the way humans feed on food’.

I was on Youtube the other day and I was learning all about how to make a pearl barley drink that is helping to clean my kidneys. I made it and it was delicious. How can detox be so delicious? Here’s a link to my blog where I have the full recipe and instructions.

Eventually, you learn so many fabulous things you will be freely choosing what you feel you would like to do from lists that are longer than you have ever seen before.You can see why this is a great mindset to have to help you improve your health!

The sixth of the seven signs that you are going to be a successful detoxer is down to whether or not you are absolutely invested in improving your health – will you keep going no matter what it takes, no matter how long, maybe sometimes even doing things you may find challenging.

Detox and healthfulness is a lifelong process, once you start you won’t want to stop. I love puzzles and so I try to see my ongoing health as a puzzle! I often speak about finding illusive pieces of your health jigsaw.

I had issues with my health, and though I am a million miles away from where I was back then I do still have some challenges. I am still searching for the pieces to complete my puzzle. I’ve been searching for the key pieces for about 14 years now! I’ll get there, I know I shall, I am committed to finding out. What about you? Do you have the sixth of the seven mindsets, are you  determined to uncover all the different bits of the puzzle to enable you to have a better more healthful life.

The seventh of seven essential mindsets that you need in order to be a successful detoxer is whether or not you will wait to get sick before you start to look after yourself, be kind to yourself, become more pro-active on your own behalf?

Perhaps you already know on some level that you need to do some detoxing, some house keeping and healthful cleaning inside your body.

Often it starts because you are inspired by life events around you…maybe someone close to you has fallen ill and you are worried that the same illness may be on the cards for you? Maybe it’s because you get aches and pains in regular parts of your body, perhaps you get infection after infection all the time. Maybe your have had to take a lot of prescription or over the counter medicines, maybe you have had a stressful upbringing or difficulty achieving a work life balance. You get to a point where you get a feeling, a sense that something needs doing before you risk something taking hold that you might not be able to sort.

Why do you wait until something feels wrong to do something to make a difference to your health? Its a barmy thing really isn’t it! Sometimes you only know the true value of your health when you have lost it. Don’t wait to become ill before you start looking after your health!



Michael Talbot was an American author of several books that highlighted the parallels between ancient mysticism and quantum mechanics. He believes that the physical universe is akin to a hologram based on the research and conclusions of David Bohm and Karl Pribram.

This is an amazing, thought provoking book by a man I consder to be a kindred spirit of mine!