Hibiscus and Green Cardamom Pod Tea

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“I love to whip up a warm and fruity tea from dried flowers and spices. It takes seconds to make this healthful delicious drink. I am learning to like the flavour of spices so the tiny Green Cardamom Pod adds the merest hint of warmth and pairs up with the Orange blossom honey brilliantly.”


  • 500ml of boiled filtered water
  • A large cafetiere
  • One Tablespoon of Dried Hibiscus flowers
  • One Tablespoon Orange Blossom Honey
  • One slice of fresh lemon
  • One slice of Fresh Ginger
  • A single green Cardamom pod
  • A teaspoon of rosehips
  • One crushed Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Cinnamon quill

*Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Cinnamon has lower levels of a substance called coumarin. Chinese Cassia has more coumarin that Sri Lankan Cinnamon. Too much coumarin can damage your Liver so opt for Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Cinnamon every time.

This drink can be drunk straight away hot, or it can be left to cool gradually. I even drink it chilled straight from the fridge sometimes!
I love to use Moroccan glasses for my fruit teas. I have red ones, white ones and blue too.  The one in this photo has white designed on clear glass.  You can see the colour of the finished ruby coloured tea through the clear glass.
The tea will stay fresh for upto 24hours if you pour it into a fresh jug and cover it.
Choose organic ingredients if you can get them.


Spoon all the ingredients into a large cafetiere.  Pour pre-boiled water over the ingredients and leave them to sit and steep for 5 minutes.
Drink straight away or leave the flavours in the cafetiere a bit longer to allow tem all to develop.