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My Skin Care article: How to make your own natural floral water

My article on making your own skin care is featured in this month’s edition of Health Triangle Magazine. How to make your own natural skin care starts on page 12. Follow this link and get your FREE copy

Health Triangle Magazine

Health Triangle Magazine features articles and video’s on issues of general health, digestion, back pain, allergies, skin care, weight management, migraines, nutrition, indigestion, cardiovascular care, women’s and men’s health, mental health, diabetes, elder care, caregiving, sexual health, avoidance of stress, avoidance of accidents and trauma ….even pet health.

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What's in issue 47 of Health Triangle Magazine?

This issue of Health Triangle also includes:

Sarah, Duchess of York

Featuring Sarah, Duchess of York on Issue 47 of Health Triangle Magazine and highlighting her interview on Dr Vijay Murthy’s programme on UK Health Radio. We see Sarah, Duchess of York as someone who has faced the same problems that we also face – money, marriage and weight – and she has reinvented the role of Duchess as a successful writer, slimmer and broadcaster.


“Even the poor must eat”

As the cynic once put it “Even the poor must eat” and this is more of a problem in a poor country like Malawi than in a first world country like the UK or USA where our relationship with food may be more about psychology than survival.  Not one but at least two contributors explore the power of the mind to improve the potential for personal fulfilment by raising self-esteem and reducing the habit of people-pleasing.

A preview of this year’s Platinum Awards

Janey Lee Grace previews this year’s Platinum Awards

Yes to Life

Yes to Life reveals the power of the written word to fracture the isolation that is so often related to dealing with Cancer.


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