Crystal Elixir Blog – 2 of 3 – Making Crystal Gem Elixirs at home

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“Drinking a crystal elixir is a great way to integrate the energy of the crystal into your body on a physical, mental and cellular level. Simple elixirs are easy to make and use. In my three part blog on crystal elixirs I share what you need to know to get you started.”

Close up of Amethyst crystals

Crystal Elixir Part Two: Introduction

I’ve been soaking natural crystals in spring water in order to create my own crystal energy drinks at home. Why am I doing this? Why not?!   A great part of enjoying my easy detox approach is that I encourage you to be curious, to explore and to be open minded. I’d like to share what I have been finding out about making and drinking gem crystal elixirs.

To receive any kind of energy based healing you have to be open to receiving it. If you are not receptive the beneficial energy rays will practically bounce straight off you. I’m receptive to anything that is going to be good for me, so, I thought I would give it crystal elixirs a go and see what happens. Who knows, crystal elixirs could be a missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle to great health.

Crystals are thought to  help us with something we want, or something we want more of. They also hep us remove something we don’t want and want less of. They can help guard what we already have, and they can provide a barrier to anything coming our way that we really would prefer to avoid. Some crystals just amplify whatever is happening – good or bad.

Gem elixirs like this are a convenient way to use the vibrational energies of natural crystals for a form of crystal healing. At its simplest, drinking a crystal elixir is a great way to integrate the energy of the crystal into your body on a physical, mental and cellular level. Simple elixirs are easy to make and use.

I first came across the idea of crystal elixirs when I visited a gorgeous raw vegan cafe. They provided drinking water ‘free on demand’. When i got to the water station where you helped yourself to water you can imagine my surprise when I saw a large pink crystal sitting in the bottom of the jugs of spring water.  I had to ask what the crystals were doing int he spring water. The crystals were in the spring water to transform it into what’s called a gem elixir, these elixirs are supposed to have health benefits. I didn’t know whether that was true or not back then, but I have to say that the spring water tasted fantastic when i drank it.

I had to find out more about the elixirs and so I’m dedicating 3 blog posts to crystal elixirs. This first crystal elixir blog is a bit about their background and history. The second crystal elixir blog is about how you make elixirs at home. The third crystal elixir blog is about the types of crystals to use and includes simple recipes for you to try at home.

Crystal Elixirs: How to make crystal elixirs at home

Crystal elixirs and essences go by many names including gem waters, gem elixirs, gem tonics, gem essences, crystal waters, crystal essences, crystal tonics, and more. There are probably more names to describe Crystal elixirs and essences than these too but to me they all seem to have much the same meaning.

How do you make an elixirs and essence? What does it entail?

To simplify down the process to its simplest form, to create a gem water, you take a natural crystal with a specific lattice type and you immerse it in pure spring water. You leave the crystal in the water for a while and the lattice in the crystal restructures the energy signature of the water. When you drink the water it then imparts the energy signature into you…and don’t forget you are also 70% water so theoretically all your internal oceans are affected by this energetically restructured fluid.

For most elixirs, as a rule of thumb, I’d suggest a medium sized crystal to every pint (that’s a half a litre) of the spring water.  Adding more crystals will make the elixir stronger, adding less will make it weaker.

You can also create more complicated elixirs by adding different types of crystals to the elixir at the same time.

Not all crystals and stones are compatible with one another and not all crystals and stones are suitable for water bathing like this either. Some stones dissolve, others rust and some create noxious gases so check and double check until you have experience. I stick to fairly simple elixirs  to stay sure and safe.

There are lots of little bits of knowledge you need along the way when you are using crystals. For example, you have to choose the correct crystal (thank fully there are lists and lists of crystals and their personalities to help you already see part three of this blog series for some examples).

You also need to make sure the lattices in the crystal you have chosen are not clogged or misaligned before you start to use them…you need to clear the lattices, rest the grids temporarily and maybe even realign them to the planet’s electromagnetic field for a while before you use them. It returns the crystal lattice back to its natural state which is what you want before you begin.

I know that you can buy tumbled stones and crystals, some of them are shaped and they have polished smooth sides. You can use these but my 1st choice would be to use any crystal or stone in as close to its natural form as possible so I choose natural looking, smooth sided unpolished crystals. I don’t use them, though,  if they are very rough edged or look like they have seams of anything else running through them that could end up leaving residue in the water I’m about to drink.

Here then, is my recipe for a beginner’s basic crystal elixir. This elixir is ideal for daily use because it is quick to prepare and works with most crystals and gemstones that are safe to use.

Step One: Preparation

Prepare your crystals or stones. That means they must be cleansed and rested, in other words they are allowed to return to their natural state. I don’t ‘charge’ crystals as I feel once they are returned to their natural state they will automatically resonate at the right frequencies again naturally.

To clear down and unclog the crystal. I either

  1. Create a salt bath using four element crystal salt. This is ceremonial salt. I put four element crystal salt in the bottom of a bowl, pushing a small empty glass into the centre of this salt bath. Not all crystals are compatible with salt so I put the crystal to be cleansed in the central glass. It can be cleansed in the salt’s clearing frequencies without directly coming into contact with it.
  2. I leave my crystal in natural running water for a while. I put it in a small net and gently drape it into a small stream or brook.  Lovely if you could find a tiny waterfall. A garden fountain may be ok. Tap water is not really up to the job in my opinion.
  3. I place my crystal on a moonlit windowsill overnight. Make sure that the sky is clear and calm and there is a good amount of moonlight about.

Step Two: Dedication

If you intend to dedicate the crystal for a specific purpose then once it is cleared and rested is a great time to do it. It brings in the Diva consciousness and creates a more spiritual connection. Although not essential, many people who regularly make crystal elixirs feel this  connection with the Diva spirit adds a certain magic to the process and to the resulting elixir.

To gift a personal intention to the lattice in any crystal requires heart centred love and selfless grace. It is a very personal thing to do. You might wish to infuse the crystal with an intention for yourself or for others.  If you do this, be sure also about your state of mind and the agenda behind what you are doing – remember, heartfelt love and selfless grace.

Step Three: Place the stone or crystal/s in the bottom of a clean glass jug. Fill the glass jug with fresh, clean spring water (I often use filtered water if I can’t get good quality bottled spring water). No need to stir!

Step Four: Infusion

Place the prepared glass jug in a bright well lit space and let it draw up the light for two hours. Some people suggest bright sunlight but I wouldn’t do this in a south facing room – sunlight could hit the water and crystal and it might create a fire hazard – safety first. Choose a brightly lit space out of the midday sun to be safe.

Step Four: Ready to use

When the 2 hours has passed it’s time remove the crystal from the jug. I fish my crystal out using a clean wooden spoon.   I like to dry and then store the crystal carefully to allow it to ‘rest’, I have a dark drawstring bag for each individual crystal I own to be stored in. As I put the crystal to bed I like to ‘thank it’ and it’s Diva as I’m always mindful of the importance of being grateful.

It’s pretty straightforward. In only 2 hours the crystal’s energy lattice will have had an effect on the spring water – it will have affected  it and it will be ready to drink. Either drink the gem water straight away or keep it for upto 24 hours in a refrigerator.

I’m dedicating 3 blog posts to crystal elixirs. This is the second of three crystal elixir blogs. This blog has been about how you make elixirs at home, the first crystal elixir blogs was about their background and history and the third crystal elixir blog is about the types of crystals to use for crystal elixirs and includes simple recipes for you to try at home.


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