Crystal Elixir Blog – 3 of 3 – Choosing elixir crystals and simple recipes

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“Drinking a crystal elixir is a great way to integrate the energy of the crystal into your body on a physical, mental and cellular level. Simple elixirs are easy to make and use. In my three part blog on crystal elixirs I share what you need to know to get you started.”

The image above is a close up of beautiful rose quartz.

Crystal Elixir Part Three: Introduction

I’ve been soaking natural crystals in spring water in order to create my own crystal energy drinks at home. Why am I doing this? Why not?!   A great part of enjoying my easy detox approach is that I encourage you to be curious, to explore and to be open minded. I’d like to share what I have been finding out about making and drinking gem crystal elixirs.

To receive any kind of energy based healing you have to be open to receiving it. If you are not receptive the beneficial energy rays will practically bounce straight off you. I’m receptive to anything that is going to be good for me, so, I thought I would give it crystal elixirs a go and see what happens. Who knows, crystal elixirs could be a missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle to great health.

Crystals are thought to  help us with something we want, or something we want more of. They also hep us remove something we don’t want and want less of. They can help guard what we already have, and they can provide a barrier to anything coming our way that we really would prefer to avoid. Some crystals just amplify whatever is happening – good or bad.

Gem elixirs like this are a convenient way to use the vibrational energies of natural crystals for a form of crystal healing. At its simplest, drinking a crystal elixir is a great way to integrate the energy of the crystal into your body on a physical, mental and cellular level. Simple elixirs are easy to make and use.

I first came across the idea of crystal elixirs when I visited a gorgeous raw vegan cafe. They provided drinking water ‘free on demand’. When i got to the water station where you helped yourself to water you can imagine my surprise when I saw a large pink crystal sitting in the bottom of the jugs of spring water.  I had to ask what the crystals were doing int he spring water. The crystals were in the spring water to transform it into what’s called a gem elixir, these elixirs are supposed to have health benefits. I didn’t know whether that was true or not back then, but I have to say that the spring water tasted fantastic when i drank it.

I had to find out more about the elixirs and so I’m dedicating 3 blog posts to crystal elixirs. This is the third of three crystal elixir blogs. This crystal elixir blog is about the types of crystals to use for crystal elixirs and includes simple recipes for you to try at home. The second crystal elixir blog was about how you make elixirs at home and the first crystal elixir blog was about their background and history and the third crystal elixir blog is about.

Crystal Elixirs: Choosing your crystals and some recipes to try at home

As the crystal elixirs are so cheap and quick to make I like to use up my elixir the same day.

Use the elixir in lots of different ways, it may be drunk, inhaled as vapour , used in your beauty routines or absorbed through bathing.

  1. Drink it or add it to smoothies
  2. I use this crystal elixir to put into my fabulous Soto aroma diffuser – it acts as a mini humidifier, it creates a cool, scented and relaxing vapour mist – putting a gem elixir in that spreads the goodness right up  into the air all around my living room.
  3. You could put some crystal elixir into a small spray bottle and spray the mist around your room if you like. I know many therapists that do this in their consulting rooms between clients. They say it changes the energy in the room and cleansed it down. It seems pretty straightforward once the liquid elixir has been produced. My favourite crystal elixir spray is made by xyz. You can make a version of this yourself though. Once you have prepared the simple crystal elixir you pour 100ml of the water into a little dark coloured glass bottle, the sort with a fine spray top. Add 10ml of vodka to act as a preservative. Screw on the top tightly and give it a good shake an you are ready to go.  I like to add a peck of ceremonial Four Element Salt sea salt crystals if the spray is going to be for space clearing as I believe a bit of the right ceremonial salt will also help restructure the water and provides its own set of miracles. A little goes a long way.
  4. Sometimes I put a spoonful or two of this crystal elixir into a beautiful geranium hydrosol that I have – a Hydrosol, also known as a floral water, is the  product of steam distilling plants and flowers when extracting essential oils. I use hydrosols  as skin tonics in my  beauty routines because they are gentle on the skin and they are also mildly therapeutic too. Adding crystal gem elixirs to a glorious hydrosol seems like a great idea to me and my skin loves the attention!
  5. I bet you could add the elixir to a warm bath or to a warm footpath too if you felt you couldn’t drink it and wanted to use it up quickly.
  6. this year I am going to trial using crystal gem elixirs as a spray on some of my allotment vegetables. It will be interesting to see if the plants that are sprayed as stronger, fruit more strongly and resist attack more easily.
  7. Pets? There’s a thought.

At its simplest, drinking a crystal elixir is a great way to integrate the energy of the crystal into your body on a physical, mental and cellular level. Simple elixirs are easy to make and use.

Just before I go then here is a quickie list of some of the general purpose crystals to practice with but lets start with a few to avoid….

As I mentioned earlier, not all crystals and stones are ideal for making elixirs. Obviously avoid any that contain harmful substances, such as lead, mercury, arsenic or aluminum.

Stones and crystals that dissolve in water are no good to use and would include calcite, halite, labradorite, selenite, ulexite, and carnelian. Galena, hematite, and lodestone should not be used because they will rust when exposed to water.  Crystals and stones that can flake away in water or suffer from cracks and fractures – you don’t want shards of anything in your drink… include lepidolite, malachite, mica, moldavite, muscovite, opals, pearls, turquoise, and obsidian.

Finally, and alarmingly, Pyrite should NEVER be used to create an elixir because when it is combined with water it creates sulfuric acid.

Well, the list of those to avoid is on my website. what about crystals to practice with then?

Clear quartz crystal is one of the most well rounded crystals, and is known as an all-purpose healer. Pretty pink rose quartz crystals can be used in elixirs to attract love and compassion into your life (that’s the crystal that I first saw in the Raw Vegan Cafe’. Malachite is a strong healer that works on the physical, spiritual and emotional body. In elixirs, malachite has been found to be grounding and if you see a bit of malachite you’d connect with that grounding aspect of it. Amethyst is another crystal that makes a great elixir, however this crystal needs to charge in the moonlight, not the sun. Amethyst is said to relieve mental stress and helps promote healthy sleep. Maybe that’s a good drink to have next to you at bedtime then.


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