5 reasons why high vibrational affirmations may fail and how to avoid them

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‘I love affirmations but you can make some simple errors with them.  I believe  there are 5 ways that affirmations will most probably fail –  I want to show you how can you avoid these pitfalls and keep your high vibrational affirmations on track’

What is an affirmation?

What is an affirmation?

Legally, when you “affirm” something, it actually means that you are making a declaration that something is the truth. But this kind of affirmation is different to the affirmation I’m talking about in my blog post.

People in the body mind spirit community would describe affirmations as positive phrases which you repeat to yourself which describe how you want to be. The idea is that by saying the affirmation as ‘shift’ happens in your energetics and you attract and transform into what you are affirming.

Affirmations are positive, very specific, well constructed statements that are intended to help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. Affirmations also help you visualize something better for yourself, they help you to believe in the potential of a better version of yourself.

Affirmations can be thought in silence or said out aloud.

‘I have something special to offer the world’

‘Being naturally self-confident and comfortable within myself is just part of who I am’

‘I forgive myself and set myself free’

‘I am beautiful and everybody loves me’

ONE – When your inner voice calls you a liar 

So, you’ve chosen an affirmation from the thousands of affirmations available and you know what to do…You state the affirmation words with conviction…and then it happens, that inner voice pronounces you a liar and all the promise and hope of the affirmation working to bring about some form of marvelous change in your life is lost… you feel like a newly withered balloon when the air is let out of it.

As soon as your inner voice is calling you a liar then you are in a territory where your efforts with affirmation will probably come to nothing. What you need to do is to silence that voice somehow.

The problem

The issue is that on some level you don’t believe the affirmation is true. That’s why the voice is so effective.  It causes a tension inside you when you affirm something that you want to be true but it’s not true yet.

The solution

Affirmations are high on the vibrational scale and yet feelings of doubt or sadness, grief, remorse, guilt…well they are pretty low vibrational feelings. There is a huge gap between them. It will always ’be hard to just choose to go from one energetic pole to another. The gap is just too wide.

If you don’t yet believe in the affirmation you are saying the best thing to do is to make a small tweak to the affirmation to make it so that it is much easier for you to believe in.

Here is an example. If I say ‘ I am happy and delighted to be at my ideal weight’ when I am actually very overweight you get the kind of liar versus truth tension. ‘I am open to the idea I can be at my ideal weight’ is a slight change yet as it feels more truthful you won’t get the tension.

A gradual approach will overcome the liar tensions. It may take a few more steps to get to goal but you will not fail if you are prepared to silence that little voice.

TWO – Just saying the words

Believing affirmations will work simply by saying them over and over again is unlikely to work.  Saying the affirmation over and over regardless of whether it feels good, or is true or not, repeating it mechanically while believing that it will become miraculously meaningful at some point is unlikely to work.

The problem

Believing you can achieve whatever you are setting out to achieve by just repeating an affirmation a lot is a mistake. Simply repeating the affirmation doesn’t create a shift energetically to manifest the transformation. It’s that shift that makes the affirmation start to align you to what you are hoping for.

The solution

You can affect some part of your body by constantly repeating the affirmation even if it is not specifically the right place you want to stimulate.

In our brains we have something called a Reticular Activating System (RAS). This filters what we are aware of based upon what it thinks our main priority is. With filters in place, our brain only registers what matters to us based on our goals, needs, interests, and desires.

When you say an affirmation over and over again it sends a very clear message to your RAS filter that ‘this is important’ to you and so it will alert you whenever it picks up something relevant to your focus.

Gradually your world fills with what supports your affirmation and so you start to believe it.

THREE – Not using the right words

When you add words to affirmations they all count, every one of them.  Adding extra words designed to impart more feeling to the affirmation can backfire.

The Problem

It a popular technique to add additional ‘feeling’ words to affirmations with the intention that the word will raise the energy of the affirmation somehow. But what if you choose words that don’t carry the uplift you are looking for.  You are saying the words but nothing is registering emotionally, not even that the affirmation is false or a lie! It is because it is bland and disconnected that you are not feeling the affirmation properly.

The Solution

Find words that set you alight and raise your energy levels. I read a dictionary and collected any words that made me especially effervescent. I only use these words in my affirmations. I use them because of the way they make me feel.

My words are words like glorious, delighted, exceptional, delicious, so instead of saying to myself ‘I am happy and thrilled that’’’ I say ‘I am gloriously delighted that…’ – yes that’ll do it every time.  Find some words that light you up and add them to your affirmations please!

FOUR – Using ‘false’ positives

Using affirmations that use false positives will not work in the way you want them to.  Here’s what I mean. Saying ‘I am happy I’m not fat anymore’ is not the same as ‘I am happy I am my ideal weight’. It is a subtle difference but an important one.

The Problem

You have to make sure that you are not accidentally focussing on the negative. Your subconscious does not know how to interpret the subtle difference between ‘not fat’ and ‘ideal weight’ it will affirm whichever you say. You coudl say an affirmation that makes you put on fat!

The Solution

Research. You need to look at lots of affirmations. Get really knowledgeable with the way that false positives work and be sure you avoid introducing them into your affirmations. and until you are very experienced stick with ones written by authorities in writing effective affirmations. Work at this and look at loads of affirmation examples. I have mentioned Louise Hay’s website

Until you are very experienced I suggest you stick with ones written by authorities in writing effective affirmations. Follow the links that I have put on this page and dive into some fantastic examples. Also, why not download my ‘cut out and keep’ affirmation sheet, it’s also available on this page too.

FIVE – Not having a clear purpose

Is there a special intention or goal behind your affirmation? What is the real value in what you are doing? Is it a ‘nice to have’ or ‘essential to become’. What is the purpose?

The Problem

People say their affirmation a few times and feel that it hasn’t worked fast enough so they give up. The choose another affirmation to try. People affirmation hop.

The Solution

When you have a  goal or intention that is really important you have to stick at it, don’t change the affirmation you are using. You may need to repeat it often, saying it 6 times a day or more. You may need to repeat that affirmation for  30 days. Your perseverance will pay off huge dividends. Stick with it.


If you fancy trying out some high vibrational affirmations follow the links I’ve provided on this page, or, why not download a free ‘cut out and keep’ affirmation sheet that I have created for you.


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