3 powerful ways to shift your boundaries to enable a better you

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“How can we grow and evolve if we can’t shift our boundaries, remove our limitations and allow ourselves to be who we are right now?”


When was the last time that you allowed yourself to step away from any pressure you are under? And if you were to step away what shape would that stepping away take? Do you wait until the last minute or are you able to step away before you pass the point of no return? Do you speak up and state what your needs are or do you accommodate other people’s needs and wishes to the detriment of your own? Do you want to make commitments to yourself but you can’t honour them because you are honouring commitments to other people first, putting them before you?

How can we grow and evolve if we can’t shift our boundaries, remove our limitations and allow ourselves to be who we are right now? 

I have had first hand experience of not answering the call when my mind was urging me to expand and shift my boundaries.  I persisted with life as I knew it, trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole and the result was a disaster.  Let’s  learn to grow and evolve and shift our boundaries, let’s remove our limitations and allow ourselves to be who we are right now… and take those that we love along with us as we reach out to broaden the scope of who we want to be and how we want to live our lives.

I don’t think we consider our emotional, physical, mental, communal, family, career based or any other limits enough. I don’t think we do an audit often enough.  I am not in the life I was living 20years ago and neither are you. Do you audit where you are, what you feel is the way you want to live, appraise and reflect on whether some of the things you are still doing have relevance in your life as it is now or as you want it to be?

It’s unusual for anyone to impose limitations upon us by force, somewhere along the line we become invested in their view of what other people expect of us until it becomes our own view of ourselves as well.

You may need to learn to audit your life and then learn how to change aspects of your life so that they free you up from unnecessary boundaries that are out of date. Don’t use a life template that is outworn outdated and not longer relevant. A life template that no longer serves the best version of who you are or who you want to be.

  1. You life is your life. Live it serving YOU first and then build what you can do to serve those around you. You can’t make a contribution to anyone else without having looked after enough of your needs first.
  2. Be reasonable with yourself about how your life is currently constructed. Do an audit. Is this the way your life should be? To achieve your hopes and dreams will you need to adjust how your life template shapes things? Tinkering incrementally can make changes that are easier to implement and less liable to create waves that stop you from achieving the change you need.
  3. Get your family and friends onside. Let your family and friends know that you have recognised your  needs are changing and let them know you need to make tweaks and adjustments. Invite them to do a life audit of their own needs and dreams and see if you can help them, support them and even hold them to account to ensure that as their needs change so can they.

Time and a willingness to try is amazing. Keeping life fresh is essential to our health and the freshness and vitality we bring will spill onto those around us in a way that benefits everyone.

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