If you are becoming aware of different types of energy beings and you don’t know how to get those encounters under control then Boggler’s Academy is going to be perfect for you.  In this academy you will learn to set rules and boundaries to protect yourself, clearly identify different types of Energy Beings and their behaviours and, bring those encounters to a satisfactory conclusion. You will be back in control. The Academy is most suitable for anyone that is being bothered by interdimensional entities or anyone doing ‘rescue’ work that has not had specific training. Especially suited to trainee Clairvoyents, Empaths, Mediums or Light Seeds. A version of this Academy is available to children 8 – 15years.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a crystal ball to tell you what decisions to make that would lead to the best potential You. In this academy you will learn how to communicate directly with yourself in the future when you are at your most lucid point. Learn how to receive guidance that is specific to you and based on 20:20 vision (or is that hindsight)  from the wisest and most experienced version of your Future Self. Suitable for anyone with an interest in intuitive protocols, experience required. all you need is an open mind and a willingness to try a phenomenal new energy protocol. Future Self Energetics is a blend of blend of quantum energetic methods and theoretical physics. It sounds complicated but it’s not. Once you have read this book you will find connecting and communciating with your future self is as easy as flicking a switch.

Therapists with experience in Kinesiology, Matrix Reimprinting and EFT will soon be able to qualify in Future Self Energetics (FSE is due to become a UK CMA accredited Therapy during 2017.)

Energetically charged Four Element Salt Wands, a new paradigm in healing tools. Used in and around the Auric field to attract, align, release, resolve and transform energy in people, animals, places, buildings, businesses, spaces and where energy needs help. Suitable for Kinesiologists, Reiki practitioners, Crystal Light Workers & anyone interested in intuitive Healing.

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